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Uber Week for Uber in PA - Commonwealth Court Affirms PUC’s Authorization of Raiser’s Service (an Uber Subsidiary) and PUC Decreases Recommended $49 Mil Civil Penalty to $11 Mil

            In an April 19, 2016 Opinion, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court[1] affirmed the Public Utility Commission’s (PUC) grant of a certificate of public convenience (CPC) for experimental authority to operate as a common carrier to Raiser-PA, LLC (Raiser) in Pennsylvania, excluding Philadelphia.[2]  Raiser is a subsidiary of Uber Technologies, Inc. (Uber), which licenses the technology to Raiser that allows users to request a ride via smartphone app. 

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PUC's Approval of Telephone Merger On Basis of Affirmative Public Benefits Upheld on Appeal

Rejecting a claim by Pennsylvania's  Small Business Advocate  that the PUC must treat every competitive effect of a merger "good, bad, or indifferent" as a negative to be weighed against demonstrated "affirmative public benefits," Commonwealth Court affirmed the PUC's approval of a merger that indirectly transferred control of Embarq Pennsylvania (an ILEC) and Embarq Communications (an interexchange toll reseller) to CenturyTel. Lloyd v. Pa. Pub. Utility Comm'n, __A. 3d __2011) (496 CD 2010, filed March 1, 2011) (Brobson, J.).

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