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PA PUC Enters Written Decision In Hms’laser Marcellus Pipeline Application Case

On June 4, 2011, the PUC reduced its majority motion to a written order and has remanded the case to an Administrative Law Judge for a ruling on whether the service and terms of the partial settlement are in the public interest.  The Order essentially follows Commissioner Wayne E. Gardner’s Motion, which was joined by Chairman Robert F. Powelson and Vice-Chairman John F. Coleman, Jr. at the May 19, 2011 public meeting.  It accepted the position of Laser and other parties, such as the PUC’s Office of Trial Staff, that the service proposed by Laser will be public utility service because it will be open to any member of the public requiring service to the extent of capacity.

Notably, the Order states that “not all gathering and transportation service providers will be considered public utilities and subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction.”  Specifically, in resolving public utility status questions, the Commission will consider whether “service is provided to a defined, privileged and limited group when the provider [pipeline] reserves its right to select its customers by contractual arrangement so that on one outside of the group is privileged to demand service.”

The Order also clarifies the law regarding the imposition of voluntary versus involuntary conditions to a certificate of public convenience.  In doing so, the majority found that the settlement conditions do not result in an expansion of PUC jurisdiction.

Finally, the Order leaves the door open for light-handed regulation of service and rates akin to present natural gas transportation service under the PUC’s regulations.  Under that, a maximum approved tariff rate is filed and approved but the utility and customer more commonly  negotiate a tailored contract rate and individualized service terms.

HMS’ Thomas J. Sniscak and William E. Lehman represent Laser in this proceeding.

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