Our Lawyers

Bryce Beard

Electricity, Local Government, Natural Gas, Water and Wastewater

Micah Bucy 

Administrative Litigation, Electricity, Natural Gas, Petroleum


  • Judith Cassel

    Administrative Litigation, Regulatory Licensing and Compliance, Commercial Transactions, Energy


  • Melissa Chapaska

    Appeals, Electricity, Natural Gas, Petroleum


  • Julia Conover

    Julia Conover

    Appeals, Utility Regulation, Telecommunications, Utility Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Phillip Demanchick Jr.

    Electricity, Telecommunications, Water and Wastewater


  • William Hawke

    William Hawke

    Appeals, Bona Fide Cooperatives, Natural Gas, Utility Mergers and Acquisitions


Steven Hoenstine

Administrative Litigation, Electricity, Petroleum, Natural Gas


  • Kevin McKeon

    Appeals, Energy, Gaming, Government Regulation and Licensing

  • Tom Sniscak

    Tom Sniscak

    Electricity, Environmental, Government Regulation and Licensing, Marcellus Shale, Natural Gas, Telecommunications, Utility Mergers and Acquisitions, Water and Wastewater

  • Whitney Snyder

    Electricity, Telecommunications, Water and Wastewater

  • Todd Stewart

    Electricity, Marcellus Shale, Natural Gas, Telecommunications

  • Dennis Whitaker

    Appeals, Government Regulation and Licensing