A concentration on regulatory practice

In assisting clients affected by government regulation, there is no substitute for experience and integrity. Lawyers and decision makers at the agencies that regulate our clients know us, both as hardworking colleagues and principled adversaries. Many HMS lawyers have worked in government in the past. We understand regulators concerns. We also seek to understand our clients businesses, which enables us to provide useful strategic advice, effective representation in litigation and appeals, and practical assistance in resolving enforcement matters and disputes. Our goal as lawyers is to help our clients meet their business goals effectively, efficiently, and at the lowest cost.

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About HMS

About HMS


                HMS provides strategic advice and representation to a broad array of clients on regulatory issues involving energy, insurance, telecommunications, environmental, municipal, gaming and other areas of government law.  We bring the same depth of experience and attention to detail to every matter for every client.  We pride ourselves in not just being litigators, but also in counseling our clients in dealing with problems and planning.  We strive to develop practical and, if necessary, novel solutions.


                Half of our 11 lawyers are equity owners of the firm, and that means each matter has significant involvement from our most seasoned attorneys.  Most of our partners have worked either for the agencies that now regulate many of our clients, or the appellate courts that review decisions of those agencies, or both.  All have a commitment to providing our clients with the highest quality legal services while working with our clients to seek the most favorable results possible.


                HMS was formed in 1982 when two attorneys who worked for the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, decided to start their own law firm.  Their vision was that a smaller, collegial, more nimble firm that focused on regulated industries, primarily utilities, and that concentrated on clients' needs for cost-effective and quality representation, could successfully compete in a legal landscape often dominated by larger law firms.  That initiative has proved to be a successful formula, and the addition of similarly experienced attorneys who share that philosophy has enabled the firm to grow its client base, and to expand its practice, while remaining committed to providing cost-effective and highly-regarded legal services to all clients.